You never know when something could happen to you. There’s no rules in the real world – there’s no way of knowing what you’re up against. Maybe they have a knife—maybe they have a gun.


Sure, you could always run. But what if you’re with your wife? Or your child? Leaving behind your loved one is not an option. Or what if they’re blocking your exit?


You need a self-defense system that can teach you how to respond to guns, knives, and other weapons. You need training so that your instinct takes over and does what it needs to do to keep you alive. And you need a self-defense system that offers weapons defenses to its beginner students, not just black belts.



Attacks happen so fast – they could easily pull out a knife without you even seeing it. You need something that works whether they have something in their hand or not.


Krav Maga assumes that every attacker has a weapon in hand, and gives you the skills from day one to defend yourself. The same skills that will stop a punch can also stop a knife. So you never have to think about what to do when the time comes.



Krav Maga Toronto (KMT) is the best place to learn Krav Maga. It’s a place that civilians and law enforcement train together. Because when your life is on the line, you only train with the best.


And we’ve been there, for better or worse, we know what it feels like to have a gun or a knife pulled on us. That’s why we know how important it is to be prepared, in case it happens again. And it’s why we continue to devote our life to giving you the tools and skills you need. So that you too can stay safe, and keep your loved ones safe too.

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