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Krav Maga for women

seminars for women

Our Krav Maga for Women Seminar are offered throughout the year, on average every 8-10 weeks. These seminars are great for women looking to get a beginner’s understanding of self defence training. These workshops run from 90 minutes upto 2 hours, focusing on defenses and threats that are specific to women, such as chokes, grabs, attacks from behind, groundwork and weapons defenses. Each workshop incorporates 1 upto 3 defenses when possible. Techniques vary in complexity, and to ensure everyone has a thorough grasp on what we’re teaching, we structure and tailor the workshops to help novices as well as beginners. We include a question and answer period, and a short lecture portion. The Seminar is hands-on, and the majority of the training is spent learning and executing the techniques with a variety of partners.

Difference between Women's seminars & Level 1

Since Krav Maga is a self defense system, all our workshops have a continuum and are a part of our regular Level 1 Krav Maga curriculum.
The difference between the two is simple. Our weekly classes offer a consistent and more comprehensive exposure to our self defense training and the workshop is a condensed version of our Level 1 curriculum (the workshop is mostly attended by first-timers, for that reason we breakdown to the basics and complexities, as easy to digest as possible).
More thorough, in depth and consistent training is available in our Level 1 co-ed classes. Our community of classes are where you want to be with an average of 50% women and men. We run free trial classes from Monday through Saturday every week during our Level 1 classes.

Comprehensive Defense Strategies and Techniques