women self defense



Krav Maga is a comprehensive self-defense system and ideal for women.

Our Krav Maga curriculum is designed to address all of the dangers that a woman may face in her daily life. Our training prepares you for common everyday scenarios, including on public transit, in confined spaces such as elevators or stairwells, and much more.


You will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of a potential attack in order to know whether to run or take immediate action.


The Krav Maga self-defense training system is the best system for you  to learn in order to protect yourself:


  • It’s easy for anyone to learn
  • You don’t have to be big and strong
  • Your experience level doesn’t matter
  • It works on people larger than you
  • Taps into your primal nature
  • Builds confidence
  • Builds strength 


  • Remember to bring a valid piece of government-issued ID
  • Arrive roughly 20-30 mins early… sign any additional paperwork
  • Bring a bottle of water
  • We suggest NOT eating  a minimum of 2 hours prior to seminars/classes 

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Krav Maga Toronto offers free trial classes so you can be sure we’re right for you.

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