Our seminars are intensive 2+ hour classes dedicated to specific defence techniques and scenarios in a session for our members. These workshops give students a good understanding and application of what they can expect in our higher levels while cementing the tremendous value our beginner level classes have in developing proficiency with higher risk attacks.



  • 2 hours long
  • Held every 8 weeks
  • Women only
  • Membership not required

Our Women’s Seminars are for any women who are interested in learning to protect themselves.That includes women that are new to self defense, as well as experienced members.

Our women’s seminars consist of self defense techniques for threats that are specific to women, such as being choked, being grabbed, being attacked from behind, or being pinned to the ground. The seminars include a question and answer period as well as a short lecture portion. Once the preliminary introduction is finished, the rest of the seminar is hands on, and the majority of the day is spent learning and executing the techniques with a variety of partners.

Our 2-hour Women’s Seminars are held once every 8 weeks.  Hit the button below to find out when the next Women’s Seminar will be held.

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  • For members only

Our Weapon’s Defense seminars are for Krav Maga Toronto members interested in learning more about weapon defenses while training in Levels 1 or 2. Our seminars cover threats and attacks, our vulnerable areas and the most effective defences against the attacker, while building stronger instinctive responses under stress.

The added value of these seminars for our members allows for the introduction to weapons defence training for students in all levels.

We hold Knife Defense, Stick Defense and Gun Defense seminars on a rotating basis, with each seminar being offered throughout the year every 2-3 months. Members have 2 or more hours of training time with each seminar.

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  • For members only

Training our minds and bodies to manage stress is a critical part of Krav Maga training. Our Off-Site Seminars give our members the opportunity to test themselves under new stresses and specific dangers that can happen in day to day real life. Off-site seminars also help our members understand the limitations of the environments in which that they may find themselves.

For example, off-site seminars include public transit and water seminars. Hit the button below to browse our upcoming events.

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