Self Defence for Youths

Our children are our future, and to become happy, successful and healthy takes a lot of hard work and dedication. We want our kids to be proud of their growth and accomplishments. We teach children to be respectful, honest and courteous, but also train them to recognize the dangers of the real world, be it bullies, violence, drugs or strangers. Knowledge is power and awareness is key. Our children are prized and cherished, and they deserve every opportunity to be well-prepared, happy and above all, safe.

In our Krav Maga youth programs for kids and teens, they are no different in many ways that us as adults. They are just smaller versions of they adult counter parts. They face similar dangers, acts of violence and stresses in their day to day lives. Our classes for our youths teach them to understand dangers, stresses and violent attacks. Also, how to defend themselves and fend off a bully individually or in a group encounter, strangers and just as importantly educate them on the realities they may face as they grow up in todays society.