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Our comprehensive fight programs are meticulously designed to equip individuals with invaluable self-defense skills. These programs comprise two crucial stages: Beginner phase and Intermediate-Advanced phase. Rooted in the essence of Krav Maga, they offer a practical and straightforward approach to street fighting. Always keeping in mind the principles that separate Krav Maga from sport oriented martial arts training. The primary goal is swift fight resolution, with a focus on techniques that prioritize personal safety, effective and efficient responses. Students gain proficiency in defending themselves effectively in real-world situations, fostering confidence and readiness. 

self defense programs


Krav Maga Toronto’s adult program is for those who want to learn practical and decisive self defense techniques that have been proven all over the world in real life scenarios. Students learn striking, choke and grab defences, ground fighting, multiple attacker, weapons defences and situational awareness. Worst case scenarios are not always immediately obvious. What would your response be to an escalating scenario? Fight, flight, or freeze?

You always fight the way that you train. There are no rules in Krav Maga. We recognize that fights are never fair. Surprise attacks can happen to anyone anywhere. Our fight program has multiple levels that move through the most common to increasingly complex scenarios. Classes are offered at different times every week and our curriculum runs on a rotating schedule, so you can have flexibility fitting us into your lifestyle.

Fighting & Sparring

There are no rules to a street fight, ambush attack and multiple attackers. This program focuses very specifically on the aspects of a controlled approach to applying and drilling good technical practice. We structure the training with all the common strikes and combatives learned in our Level 1 classes and use them in a one on one sparring situation.

You will learn the value in what is considered Fight conditioning. Where students apply and drill all defenses against active strikes/combatives from their partners. Ground fighting is added in conjunction to stand up fighting. Students are required to complete a minimum of 20 or more Level 1 classes before being eligible to join Beginner Sparring. *extra equipment required for this class

Self defence for women

This program is available to the public. Our women’s only seminars are designed with our curriculum to address scenarios and dangers specific to women. Our training prepares you for common place encounters and unpredictable situations in your day to day lives on public transit, confined spaces such as stairwells, restrooms, elevators and more. A very important part of our training prepares your situation awareness adding another level of prevention whether you are in familiar surroundings and especially when travelling abroad.

You will train in practical and effective techniques and learn to apply them when it matters. Learning to recognize the signs of a dangerous situation will give you the tools to choose between Flight or Fight response.

Seminars and Team building events

As a member of Krav Maga Toronto you will get access to exclusive seminars. Our seminars include Gun Defense, Knife Defense, Stick Defense, Hostage scenario, Active gunman/attacker and more. These seminars include on site and off site training. Specialty locations for our seminars include Gun Range, water training and special events. For Corporate and team building events click below to learn more.

Fitness & Conditioning

All our classes and programs have a fitness element and conditioning as a side effect from the hands on training. Our Fitness class is specific to getting your heart rate going. A simple approach to add better conditioning as we evolve our program to new levels of effective functional training.

Comprehensive Defense Strategies and Techniques