Krav Maga Toronto’s adult program is for those who want to learn practical and decisive self defense techniques that have been proven all over the world in real life scenarios. Students learn striking, choke and grab defences, ground fighting, multiple attacker, weapons defences and situational awareness.

Worst case scenarios are not always immediately obvious. What would your response be to an escalating scenario? Fight, flight, or freeze?

You always fight the way that you train. There are no rules in Krav Maga. We recognize that fights are never fair. Surprise attacks can happen to anyone anywhere.

Our program has multiple levels that move through the most common to increasingly complex scenarios. Classes are offered at different times every week and our curriculum runs on a rotating schedule, so you can have flexibility fitting us into your lifestyle.


It’s easy for anyone to learn
You don’t have to be big and strong
Your experience level doesn’t matter
It works on people larger than you
Taps into your primal nature
Builds confidence
Builds strength


Remember to bring a valid piece of government-issued ID
Arrive roughly 20-30 mins early… sign any additional paperwork
Bring a bottle of water

We suggest NOT eating  a minimum of 2 hours prior to seminars/classes