Fitness Class

Krav Maga Toronto has an intense Fitness Program to help you get in shape, and stay in shape!Our Fitness program was designed with exactly that in mind: Fitness! Everything from plyometrics, weight training, circuit drills and bag/pad work. Building strength, flexibility, endurance and speed is the focus of this program. Our number one priority is to keep you healthy, safe and free from injury. If you want to add to your overall health and fitness levels, or begin a great workout regime that will prepare you for our self-defence and fight classes, then our Fitness program is where you need to be.

There are numerous fitness regimes and boot camp style classes and programs that make for fantastic training regimens. We offer our very own twist on fitness training. Strong muscles, flexible bodies, endurance… basically performance training are ideals we base our program on. Like all proper fitness and wellness programs results are just as important to us as injury free training. A ratio to consider is this: 20% exercise, 80% rest and fuel. Food for thought!