Our fight programs currently include two stages: Intro to Fight and Intermediate Fight classes. Both are inclusive of Krav Maga’s practical and simple approach to street fighting, where the goal is to end a fight as quickly as possible.


There are only so many ways one can punch and kick, however, we firmly believe that you will always fight the way that you train. Our theory and approach to our fight classes, is simple. To defend a good punch you need to learn to throw a good punch. Our approach to fighting with rules and no rules combined is designed to prepare students for as many diverse fight scenarios that can be conceived. Simplicity is essential to our training and teachings. After our students learn these skills with it comes a new level of mental and psychological confidence and well being.


Krav Maga Toronto’s Fight classes incorporate very realistic and aggressive techniques for street fighting with a wide range of applications. Teaching people to be able to recognize dangers under pressure so they react instinctively, while managing one’s stress levels is the ultimate goal of Krav Maga Self Defence and Fighting. Our members with experience and those without, have found countless benefits, both physically and psychologically after adding Fight Classes to their training regimine. Its a whole new level of stress training.