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Krav Maga Toronto is located 100 metres west of Dovercourt Road on Dundas Street in Torontos “Little Portugal” neighbourhood. The gym is easily accessible by walking, the TTC or by automobile. There is plenty of parking nearby, including “Green P” parking behind the Toronto Police 14 Division building (North of Dundas Street on Dovercourt Road).

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Krav Maga Toronto is conveniently situated just 100 meters to the west of Dovercourt Road on Dundas Street, nestled within the vibrant “Little Portugal” neighborhood of Toronto. Our prime location makes it simple for individuals to reach us through various means of transportation, ensuring that anyone interested in our training can do so with ease.

Whether you prefer walking, using public transit via the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), or driving by automobile, you’ll find that our academy is accessible through all these modes of transport. This accessibility underlines our commitment to providing practical self-defense training to as many people as possible, irrespective of how they choose to arrive.

Furthermore, for those arriving by car, we offer the convenience of nearby parking options. In close proximity to our facility, you can find “Green P” parking facilities, with one conveniently situated behind the Toronto Police 14 Division building just north of Dundas Street on Dovercourt Road. This parking solution ensures that even in the heart of a bustling neighborhood, you won’t face unnecessary hurdles when coming to our Krav Maga training facility. We believe in removing any barriers that may stand between you and your journey to effective self-defense training, and our accessible location and parking options are just one way we do so.

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